I’m in love with the slightly spicy Magic Dragon green juice! They even have it in a “sugar-free” version (no pineapple juice or honey). I’ve become slightly addicted. They also offer samples to help you pick your favorite blend. My daughter loves the Keiki fruit juice (I think that’s the name) with lilikoi, papaya and other delicious local tropical fruit. And to top it off - everyone is SUPER friendly and the service is great. THANK YOU!
— Rebecca B. (San Diego, California)
This place is a must try! Highly recommend if you’re needing a cold beverage on a hot day after baking under the sun or swimming at the beach. Super healthy all organic products non GMO. Definitely a top notch place to visit for a healthy drink instead of that syrup snow cone type of thing.
— Jimmy W. (San Fransisco)
I was in desperate need of a fresh juice and this was the stop.
They are a very friendly and helpful staff. The menu is actually quite extensive and diverse. They offer samples, so there are no surprises (based on some of the blend descriptions you need to sample first). I was impressed with the flavor profiles. I can be picky about my juices and I was able find several I liked.
— Neil W. (Shoreline, Washington)
This place is legit. I don’t care for juice companies that put celery in everything. I don’t remember seeing celery anywhere on the menu. This juice is made fresh daily. The owner brings her “Aloha” spirit everyday.
The “Sweet “P” Spesh” is the best way to go about experiencing a little of everything in one drink.
Grab a stool at the counter and sample everything until you find your jive.
Bring your own jar or buy one to keep waste down.
— Rachel L. (Phoenix, Arizona)
This shop has the best refreshing and tasty juice. They even provide samples before you buy. We got the Magic Dragon and Kauai Kolada- both delicious!
— Nicole K. (Los Angeles, California)
Loved my Magic Dragon and plan to be back and drink plenty more of them. I love the incredible but I felt incredible all day long as a result of the nutrients juiced into it. I agree with other the unique ingredients made me feel as if I was drinking the Cadillac of juices. Thank you Akamai!!! :)
— Urban B. (Whitefish, Montana)
As others have said, this is the juice you’ve been craving. I tried magic dragon and was not disappointed.
Prices - large was $9 (I disagree with $$$, more like $$) Juices - raw, no yogurt, no mixers, no sorbet.
Service - friendly and quick, they even have a pay it forward board (juices are already made so
you don’t have to wait!)
— Megan H. (Los Angeles, California)
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